Dan Petrov Art Studio

You are about to enter my virtual art studio. Many gallery visitors, collectors of my paintings and supporters who had an opportunity to follow my development as an artist requested this format as a new "meeting place." Thank you for your interest, support and words of encouragement.

Paintings are created for viewers. My painting process explores the infinite contents of reality. As a classically trained artist, I paint in the so-called "Western tradition" of realism as the sum of formal principles and techniques dominating art of Europe and the United States.

Art theory states that the painting adventure takes us in three directions: inside ourself, outside into the world and inside the process of painting itself. I will spare you the details of my introspective discoveries. However, paintings originate from a personal level of memories, dreams, feelings and ideas. If my viewers receive my paintings on that "personal" note, I will take that as a compliment. 

Paintings reflect the world. This could be a new perception of everyday objects, intellectual position to a problem, social comment, a view of natural or cultural environments or a combination of these.

The formal qualities of a painting itself are the domain of form, values, color harmonies, composition, application of paint, techniques, and so on. For those of you interested in the painting process my blog will give you an opportunity to peek over my shoulder without inhaling the turpentine.

All the best!

Dan Petrov